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Land Subdivision Feasibility Assessment & Town Planning

PAR Property Development Consultants can assess the feasibility of subdivision development on any parcel of land and advise on the most appropriate scheme based on the collective information gathered.

PAR Property Development Consultants services in this area will include the following:

  • constraints and opportunities analysis (zoning, density coding and other planning provisions analysis);
  • schematic design;
  • preparation of Town Planning reports in support of the proposed development;
  • lodgement of Planning Application to State and/or local government;

We also provide other town planning consulting services which include Development Application (DA), Change of Use, Rezoning Application and Scheme Amendments.

Subdivision Feasibility Assessment Report (SFAR)

We conduct site feasibility and analysis and provide you with a recommendation on the potentiality of the property. In the Subdivision Feasibility Assessment Report (SFAR), you will receive the following:

1) Investigation of zoning, density coding and other planning provisions
2) Study of Property Development opportunity and constraint
3) An approximate size of proposed new lots
4) Location of easements and covenants on the title
5) Analysis of availability of utilities servicing the property
6) Project estimated time line programme
7) Whether there is opportunity to subdivide your property
8) You will receive a copy of our e-book “A guide to Subdivision Development"



Client Testimonial

“The quality service I've received to date from Peter has exceeded my expectations; he has been easy to work with and gave valuable insight into property development, residential and land subdivision and design drafting. It's been a pleasure to have worked alongside Peter, as he well knows what he is doing and is always prompt with his advice. I strongly recommend Peter - and would again work with him - given the opportunity.” 

Jemmy Affendi - Grouped Dwelling developments at St James, Victoria Park and Maylands

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